Ⅲ Regulation and Its Cost

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“Against this backdrop, unofficial and unlicensed ‘rehabilitation schools’ have thrived.”
-p.149 last paragraph

why surprided?

I didn’t know that there is some schools saying ‘rehabilitation school’ which actually is trying to make the patients get away from their home by force and push them to the dormitory.

I searched a little bit about the free school which are mentioned in “As a consequence, some cases of serious injury and death have resulted.”

In April, 18th (2006), a man who were in ‘Ai Mental School’ died 4 days after he joined the school.





・Have you ever heard / read about the ‘rehabilitation school’ or ‘free school’?
・What kind of way do yo think is the best, to make the ‘tokokyohi’, ‘futoko’ and ‘hikikomori’ children to be able to live their own lives?

・What is the number of primary and middle school children who attended school for no more than thirty days a year in 2012? – 1,910,000

・How do you think the number of ‘futoko’ students will be, in next 5-10 years?


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