Ⅳ Continuity and Change in University Life, Ⅴ English: Means of Status Attainment?

①”Unsurprisingly, the level of English fluency among Asians correlates with the degree of their exposure to the global environment: the AsiaBarometer survey, conducted by a team of social scientists across Asia, suggests that in virtually all countries in Asia, including Japan, those who consider themselves to have a good command of English are likely to have a family member or relative who lives abroad and to have friends from foreign countries.”
(Sugimoto, P156)

②”Meanwhile, if individuals are equipped with one or more of these qualities plus English competency, the combination would put them in a stronger position. To that extent, English fluency could be seen as a supplementary, not the principal, determinant of social stratification.”
(Sugimoto P158)

◎Why I quote
①I think it is true, but there are many ways to master English in Japan nowadays, to those who have no intentional relations with their background too.

②Because some people try to acquire English without thinking what they want to do by USING English and this sentence is really an essential thing about learning English in Japan.
(On the other hand, I feel a little bit strange why some Japanese people are very sensitive about learning English, while speaking more than one language is a standard world wide in this time. I do not think learning English is relating the Imperialism as Britain does not have the power in the world compered what it had in the past, and English is just the legacy what Britain left.)

◎Changes in Japanese University exams and difficulties


More importance in listening



Can choose “大学入試英語成績提供システムを介する入試” by using Eiken results entering the university.




・What do you think about learning English? Was it fun? Why and why not?
・Do you think it is strange that Japanese people study English while we have comparatively strong native language, Japanese?
・How do you think English ability (or more widely, “Education”) is related to the family?(house hold income, international background of family members)


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