Ⅲ Regimentation and its costs


“Another area of national controversy is the extensive application of detailed school regulations.These rules include a range of trivial restrictions on the length and color of hair, mode of dress, size and type of school bags, type of shoes, and so forth.”(Sugimoto, P148)

◎Why I quote this
We had some discussions in high school about school uniform, but more from a perspective with “What is the advantage and disadvantage of having school uniform?
“, and had not thought very carefully about ” the Influences we take unconsciously by wearing School uniform “

◎School rules what I had in my junior high and high school


・Clothes(School uniform)
 not cute
 length of the skirt must be under the knees
 fasten every button
・Sweater, stole
 Black, Brown, Deep Green, Navy, White, Grey
 white socks(logo is approved)
 no make up
 Black, Brown, Deep Green, Navy, Grey 

◎How it was made
・By the students
 →now socks and sweater is specified by school

◎How about in another country?
“School uniforms carry little sway with Swiss”

though some students in Swiss is becoming a showcase for expensive brands and street fashion, School uniform would not become popular here.
In Britain, Ireland, Cyprus, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan and many former British colonies, School uniform is a norm.


◎Trouble of school uniform in public elementary school



・Did you have your school uniform in your elementary school, junior high and high school?

・Have you ever discussed about school uniform in school? If Yes, what were the reasons for agreement and disagreement?

・In some schools without school uniform, students clothes become as a showcase of brands, while there is also argument about too expensive school uniform. What do you think is the best way, so that students / parents can feel comfortable to go to schools?


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